Suction Control Valves

Suction Control Valves (SCV) are responsible for the control of fuel pressure inside common rail engines, using extremely small tolerances within moving parts SCVs can quickly become affected by contaminated fuel and dirt which in turn can cause a vehicles Electronic Control Unit (ECU) to cause surging and other unwanted effects as it tries to correct fuel pressure levels. It's important to ensure your replacement Suction Control Valves are of the highest quality, here at Diesel Parts Direct we only stock OE manufacturer parts from brands such as Denso so you can place your order safe in the knowledge that your replacement part is genuine and of the highest quality.

If you know the manufacturers part number for your replacement SCV then simply enter it in the search box above to find your part, if you're unsure what replacement SCV you need the contact our friendly customer service team online or give us a call on 01233 642 816 and we'll be happy to help source your correct replacement part.

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Denso SCV - Green (Toyota & Nissan Only)
Part Number: 096710-0062
Denso SCV - Red & Green Kit Suction Control Valves 096710-0052/62
Part Number: 096710-0052/62
Denso SCV - Red (Toyota & Nissan Only)
Part Number: 096710-0052
Denso SCV Kit
Part Number: 294009-0190
Denso SCV Kit 294009-0120
Part Number: 294009-0120
Denso SCV Kit 294009-0260
Part Number: 294009-0260
Denso Suction Control Valve
Part Number: 294200-0370
Denso Suction Control Valve 096360-0580
Part Number: 096360-0580
Denso Suction Control Valve 294200-0300
Part Number: 294200-0300
Denso Suction Valve
Part Number: 294200-0310
Denso Suction Valve Assy
Part Number: 294200-0040
Part Number: A6860-VM09A
TOYOTA SCV 04226-0L020
Part Number: 04226-0L020