Fuel Injection Pumps

We sell a selection of complete Fuel Injection Pumps from brands such as Delphi, Denso, Yanmar, Stanadyne and more suitable to fit in a wide selection for machines and vehicles from brands such as Komatsu, Vauxhall, Volvo and more. We only sell OE (Original Equipment) parts from the original manufacturer, ensuring you receive a high quality, official manufacturer part. If you know the manufacturer part number for you Fuel Injection Pump then enter it in the search box above, or if you don't know you part number or what fuel injection pump you need try our Pump Finder or give our customer service team a call on 01233 642 816 and we'll be happy to help source your new Fuel Injection Pump.

The fuel injection pump is the heart of any machine with an internal combustion engine, it supplies fuel from the fuel tank to each fuel injector which in turn injects fuel into the engine for combustion. Containing a driveshaft and head, fuel is sucked into the injection pump via a rotor blade driven by the driveshaft and pushed out to the injectors into the engine. When a Fuel Injection Pump fails or becomes faulty there are a selection of symptoms, including engine splutter, loss of power while accelerating or any sudden loss of power, surging or a non-starting engine, getting a new fuel pump should be a top priority.