Featuring a light version of its DS software, Delphi's new diagnostic tool, the DS-nano™, offers broad diagnostic capability across an increasing number of electronic components.
FRANKFURT, GERMANY – 12 September 2018 – An affordable new on-board diagnostics (OBD) tool from Delphi Technologies will help more garages benefit from accurate information on a fast-growing range of vehicle parameters. DS-nano™ is based on the same proven system as Delphi's highly-successful, stand-alone DS150E and DS450 tools, just with a lighter functionality. The intuitive device gives technicians the ability to read and erase fault codes, recode and activate components and reset service lights for key systems including fuel, ignition, diesel, brakes and air conditioning. This makes it an ideal tool for garages taking advantage of the rapidly growing diagnostic opportunity with minimal investment. DS-nano™ will be commercially available early 2019.

"Today's modern car has around 300 diagnostics parameters monitoring the performance of its systems. By 2020 it is expected there will be up to 1000, each one with the potential to tell garages something that will help them locate and solve faults more quickly," explains Jean-Francois Bouveyron, vice president, Delphi Technologies Aftermarket EMEA "For garages equipped with the right tools and expertise, this provides a significant opportunity to offer high-value repairs in a fast-growing market. DS-nano™ is the perfect first step."


DS-nano™ is a VCI (Vehicle Communications Interface) only solution, helping to further reduce costs. It uses the same powerful, feature packed diagnostic interface as the proven DS150E and DS450E and is paired with a tailored version of its car and light commercial vehicle software.

The DS-nano™ offers lighter functionality compared with Delphi Technologies' established DS150E and DS450E solutions. It provides seamless, quick and intuitive diagnostics of the key vehicle systems, across a wide range of makes and models. Supporting an extensive vehicle database, the software is packed with intuitive features such as intelligent system scan for the systems covered by the tool, intelligent system identification and a built-in report function.

Cost-effective for garages

"With more and more vehicle systems now controlled by electronics, OBD diagnostics will be a necessity for every garage," concludes Bouveyron. "The DS-nano™ will make it more cost effective for garages and will equip them with a diagnostic tool to deal with both current and future demands."



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